Permanent weight loss is possible!

As a busy mother of three, I know what it feels like to be pulled in many different directions.

Trying to balance health and wellness with career and family responsibilities can feel challenging. I am here to help.

My name is Sarah Smith

and I am a board-certified internal medicine and obesity
medicine doctor and weight and life coach.

and I am a board-certified internal medicine and obesity medicine doctor and weight and life coach.

After years of medical practice, I found that traditional training lacked the tools to help guide patients achieve sustained weight loss. While searching for answers, I continued my training and became certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and created my own medical weight management program.

I helped hundreds of women lose weight in my individualized program. The program included nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral changes. But I found some patients’ needs were still not being met. My search for answers ultimately led to weight and life coaching. I realized this was the missing piece to lead to sustained, permanent loss for many.

I love helping busy women like me learn tools that allow them to find permanent weight loss.

I understand how life can feel incredibly busy. It is tough to balance it all and still make time for yourself. Losing and regaining the same weight can be discouraging.

My coaching program is designed to help women who have been stuck in the diet mentality much of their lives finally achieve freedom. My program blends the science of weight loss with power of life coaching to affect permanent change. We will work together to explore what thoughts have been holding you back and ultimately learn strategies to reach your goals.

Private and small group


I offer private coaching packages as well as a small group coaching program. Some prefer the individual focus while others enjoy a group coaching program with other women who have similar goals.

Coaching is the missing piece to permanent weight loss

If traditional dieting was the answer, you would be at your goal weight today. With my program you can achieve permanent weight loss where diets fall short. We will explore your thoughts and how they may be getting in your way as well as strategies to make weight loss sustainable.

More About Me

Are you ready to break free from the diet mentality and lose weight permanently?

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