The Model: An Introduction

I recently had two very similar patients who had struggled with losing weight for much of their lives. Although their weight was nearly identical, their mindset was completely different. One told me she had been thinking “I am going to lose weight for the last time,” and she was having no trouble following through with her plans and was seeing continued success. The other patient was thinking “I have lost weight before, but I always regain. Why will this be any different?” and she was having a hard time making decisions ahead of time and honoring the ones she made, and in fact had started to regain. The difference between the two was their thoughts about their ability to reach their goal weight.

This week I will introduce a helpful coaching tool called “The Self Coaching Model” (or “The Model”) that allows you to look at the world and organize your brain around it. The Model was created by Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School. Over the next several weeks I will show you how you can start to apply this incredible tool to your life to help produce new and better results.  The components of the model are: C-T-F-A-R.  

Circumstances: Agreed upon facts.  No opinions.  Neutral.

Thoughts: Sentences in your brain about circumstances.  This can include opinion.

Feelings: One world description describing an emotion or vibration in your body.

Actions: Driven by our feelings.  We act, react or not act based on our feelings.

Results: Determined by our actions. What we do creates our results. 

Any problem we have can be categorized using The Model.  Once we place something into The Model, we can see what thoughts are causing our feelings and actions.  Our brain is always trying to prove something is right.  Our results always provide evidence that our thoughts are correct.

The first step when applying The Model to a situation is to separate your facts from your thoughts. Facts don’t hurt.  The circumstances in our lives have no effect on us until we have a thought about them.  It is important that we separate out facts from the thoughts.  When we realize that our thoughts cause our feelings, we can gain more control over our emotional lives.

Sometimes it can feel like we don’t have control over our thoughts.  This is not true.  We need to be aware of our thoughts and why we are thinking them. So many of our thoughts are automatic and unintentional, but thoughts are optional.  Once you are aware of your thoughts, the feelings that they cause and the ultimate results you get from these, you can work towards shifting your thoughts to get new results.

One helpful thing is a thought download where you dump your thoughts on paper without stopping. You also can take a current issue on your mind and write about it in detail. Then go through this situation and circle just the facts.  Then notice your opinions and thoughts.  

How does your thought or opinion make you feel?  Can you see that it is your thought, not the circumstance, that is causing your feelings?

Getting back to my two patients, both had the same circumstances (the number on the scale). However, the first patient had a thought that was making her feel motivated and allowed her to follow through with her eating and movement plans and lead to continued weight loss which provided evidence that she was going to be successful (her original thought).  The second patient thought “why will this be any different,” which lead her to feeling discouraged. Feeling discouraged led her to inaction (no preplanning/honoring decisions she made) and some buffering and the result was weight gain (reinforcing her original thought).

Separating facts from thoughts and being aware of how our thoughts create our results is just the beginning of how we can use The Model to have new results. Over the next few weeks I will explain more about how to apply The Model in your daily life so you can ultimately get new results.  Thanks for reading!

*Information in this blog is provided for informational purposes only. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional, and if you choose to try anything mentioned in this blog please discuss it with your own doctor. 

Are you ready to break free from the diet mentality and lose weight permanently?

Are you ready to break free from the diet
mentality and lose weight permanently?

Get started today with Sarah Smith, MD’s free guide
“12 Steps to Start Losing Weight For the Last Time.”

Get started today with Sarah Smith, MD’s free guide “12 Steps to Start Losing Weight For the Last Time.”

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